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1. No matter the ‘CIRCUMSTANCES’ that befall my life, God is still worthy to be praised, honored, worshiped, and revered.

  • Scripture Reference; Psalm 34:1-6; 1 Samuel 18:5-9; 1 Peter 5:7; Phil 4:6-7
  • Questions for Reflection
    • How do I handle adversity? 
    • What’s my first response to adversity?

2. I praise/worship/honor God: ​With my thoughts, With my lips/tongue/words, With my actions

  • Scripture Reference; Isaiah 26:3; Phil 4:8; Job 2:9-10; James 2:17; Matthew 5:16
  • Questions for Reflection
    • If out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, in those moments of adversity what comes out of me?
    • What do my actions and the words I speak in adversity reveal about my heart or my relationship with God?