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We live in a world that’s highly spiritual – but not religious. And everybody has a “spirituality” that’s all their own…so who’s got it right? Or is everyone right? What’s crazy (and counter-cultural) is there actually is a “right answer” about spirituality, and it’s also the key to finding the fresh start we all long for. No matter what you’re facing right now, God is inviting you into a fresh start that will transform all your circumstances.



1. God is pleased to have the Spirit dwell in you.

From Romans 8:8

Leader Notes:
The moment we put our faith and trust in Jesus the Spirit of God takes up residence within us.
There are two ways to live. You’re either in the flesh or you’re in the Spirit. The reality is not everything we do is pleasing to God. But the Spirit of God dwells in us to help our lives be pleasing to God.
When Jesus gives us His Spirit, he is giving us a “guarantee” that we belong to Him. In the Bible, it’s the same word for an engagement ring – because God is binding us to Himself eternally.
The only way a person is pleasing to God is for that person to have the Spirit of God dwell in them….that means, if you have the Spirit of God, you are pleasing to the Father.

Question for Reflection: What do you need to do this week to more consistently walk in the Spirit?

2.  When the Spirit dwells in you, Christ does as well.

From Romans 8:9-10

Leader Notes:
As we just discussed, to live this life in a way that’s pleasing to God, we already have all we need – the Spirit of Jesus within us makes us pleasing to God. Because Christ dwells in us, every single person you come in contact with – even the most sour and grumpy person – is an opportunity to come in contact with a person Jesus loves and wants to know him.
The paradox of the Christian life is even though we are physically decaying day by day, we are becoming more and more alive in Christ Jesus. Even if you believe in Jesus, you still have to deal with the reality of your own broken body and all the brokenness of the world around you. Jesus offers us an opportunity to see that brokenness differently and to be a part of his transforming work in the lives of others.

Question for Reflection: If Jesus dwells in you, how does that change the way you see the brokenness in yourself and others?

3. You are resurrected with Jesus.

From Romans 8:11

Leader Notes:
Jesus performs a spiritual resurrection within us the moment we put our faith and trust in Him – that’s salvation resulting in eternal life. But not only does God do that spiritual resurrection in us in the present, we know ultimately we will experience the physical resurrection of our bodies when Jesus returns.
God offers us the abundant life now and eternal life in the future. But even in our current brokenness, we have the opportunity to experience God’s abundance in the here and now.

Question for Reflection: How does the reality of the power of the resurrection transform everything that you’re experiencing every single day?