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1. Be distinct from the host culture

Scripture Reference: Romans 12:1-2, Hebrews 4:12
  • Leader Notes
  • Jesus comes bringing words like a two edged sword to a church that is in the middle of the Roman imperial cult.
  • Jesus wants to reveal our hearts and motivations, the word of God brings justice and truth.
  • Jesus knows what the church is doing, and the context in which the church exists. No matter the context, Jesus wants the church to live distinctly.
Questions for Reflection
  • What does it look like to follow Jesus and remain distinct from the culture we live in?
  • How is Jesus inviting me to stand out from those around me?

2. Compromise is a killer

Scripture Reference: Numbers 22-25, Numbers 31:15-16
  • Leader Notes
  • The church was deemphasizing orthodoxy and was identified by their culture.
  • The doctrine of Balaam was to exploit the weakness of the people by tempting them to make compromises.
  • The church was similar, and they were compromising due to the pressures and temptations of their culture.
Questions for Reflection
  • Where do I see unhealthy compromise in my life?

3. Let the word of God nourish you

Scripture Reference: Jeremiah 15:16
  • Leader Notes
  • Jesus wants us to live lives that line up with his word.
  • The word of God gives us a new identity, showing us who we are and who we aren’t, and leading us to a place where we no longer give ourselves over to the things of this world.
  • God provides for us, forgives us, and knows us more deeply than we can understand. He asks us to simply respond to him.
Questions for reflection
  • How is God speaking to me?