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1. The martyrs cry out for justice

  • Scripture Reference: Hebrews 11:37-40
  • Leader Notes
    • We live in a world where suffering happens, and Jesus identifies with our sufferings. 
    • We can learn to praise God despite how hard our circumstances can be. 
  • Questions for Reflection: What do I think about people who give up their lives for their faith in Jesus?

2. Tremendous cataclysmic disturbances

  • Scripture Reference: Joel 2:28-32, Matthew 24:7
  • Leader Notes
    • We live in an age of grace, and at the end of the age the world will be filled with cataclysmic events.
    • Creation was subjected to futility because of the fall, and these events are a part of the birth pangs for the coming kingdom.
  • Questions for Reflection: What would these cataclysmic experiences be like?

3. Respond the right way

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 4:17, Luke 23:29-30
  • Leader Notes
    • We all try to hide from God.
    • Through His Spirit, God wants to teach us how to respond the right way. 
  • Questions for reflection: Where do I need to simply respond to Jesus?