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1. The conqueror on the white horse

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 24:5, John 5:43
  • Leader Notes
    • God pouring out his judgment on a world that rejects his forgiveness.
    • The enemy is always working with deception, the rider is like a messianic figure who is going out to conquer.
  • Questions for Reflection: What do I think about this imagery?

2. The peace-taker on the red horse

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 24:6-7
  • Leader Notes
    • This horseman leads to a lack of peace on the earth, and a rise of violence.
  • Questions for Reflection:  How does this passage invite me to pray?

3. The scarcity-maker on the black horse

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 24:7
  • Leader Notes
    • This horse leads to a kind of scarcity, famine, and challenge.
  • Questions for reflection: How can Jesus work in these situations?

4. Death on the pale horse

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 24:8
  • Leader Notes
    • This horse brings widespread death and violence on the earth.