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1. Jesus and His people

  • Scripture Reference; Jude 24-25
  • Leader Notes
    • Just as there is evil and darkness in the world, there is also holiness and light.
    • Everyone has someone’s name on their head; you are either for Jesus or against Him.
  • Questions for Reflection
    • How has Jesus changed my life?
    • What is the new song God wants you to sing in this season?

2. Proclaim the plans of God

  • Scripture Reference; Isaiah 52:7
  • Leader Notes
    • Don’t be shy to proclaim the things that God is doing.
    • The angels proclaim the gospel, God’s justice, and calls people to repentance. 
  • Questions for Reflection
    • How can I proclaim what Jesus has done for me?

3. There will be a great harvest

  • Scripture Reference; Mark 4:26-29
  • Questions for reflection
    • How do I feel about the final judgment?