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1. No one is worthy

  • Scripture Reference: Romans 3:23
  • Leader Notes
    • The scroll is the unveiling of the mystery of God’s judgment and how His kingdom would come, and no created being is worthy to open it.
    • Apart from Jesus, there is not one person who hasn’t sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.
    • Humans are made in the image of God and capable of the most beautiful things, while also inherently broken and capable of the most horrible things.
  • Questions for Reflection: 
    • How does my understanding of my own failings help me draw near to God?

2. Jesus is the Lion & the Lamb

  • Scripture Reference: Genesis 49:8-12, John 1:29
  • Leader Notes
    • Jesus is worthy of it all, worthy to open the scroll and worthy of all praise and authority in heaven and on earth.
    • Following Jesus means walking closely with him, but we sometimes struggle to follow him closely.
    • Jesus is the Lion and lamb, the image of power and weakness. He humbled himself to be killed, which was actually the most powerful thing he could do.
  • Questions for Reflection: 
    • What do these descriptions of Jesus mean for me?
    • What is keeping you from following Jesus more closely?

3. Jesus takes what is His

  • Scripture Reference: John 6:37-40
  • Leader Notes
    • Jesus chooses and draws what is his to himself.
  • Questions for reflection: 
    • How can I give Jesus what is rightfully His?