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1. God keeps some things secret

  • Scripture Reference; Deuteronomy 29:29
  • Leader Notes
    • Sometimes God chooses to withhold things from us.
    • When God doesn’t give us an answer we’re looking for, the challenge is to focus on what we do know and trust when we don’t understand.
  • Questions for Reflection
    • How can I better trust God when He is mysterious?

2. Take the revelation if it comes

  • Scripture Reference; Amos 3:7
  • Leader Notes
    • When God does reveal truth to us we need to receive it. 
    • God is eternal, all powerful, and the creator of everything.
  • Questions for Reflection
    • What can I do to receive deeper revelation?

3. Eat the book

  • Scripture Reference; Jeremiah 15:16
  • Leader Notes
    • The word of God is food for us, the source of nourishment.
    • When you eat something you take it in and fully integrate it into your body. 
  • Questions for reflection
    • How can I transform my relationship with the word of God?