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1. Why we need the Spirit

  • Scripture Reference: John 16:1-4
  • Leader Notes
    • The Spirit will keep us from falling into temptation and more specifically, the traps set by the enemy.
    • God’s provision oftentimes comes after the persecution, so we must hold unto the Holy Spirit for direction and guidance.
  • Questions for Reflection: When you consider the goodness of God and the gifts that He gives, how has the gift of the Holy Spirit impacted your life and produced positive change and growth?

2. What the Spirit Does

  • Scripture Reference: John 16:5-11
  • Leader Notes
    • The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment.
    • Without the Holy Spirit we are unable to see Jesus for who He really is.
    • We must rely on the Holy Spirit for help in our times of need and trouble.
  • Questions for Reflection: The work of the Holy Spirit is sometimes pretty mysterious to many of us. What are some ways that the study today has helped you in your understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit?

3. How The Spirit Influences

  • Scripture Reference: John 16:12-14
  • Leader Notes
    • The Holy Spirit gently guides and never speaks on His own authority.
    • The Holy Spirit always directs worship to Jesus and the Father.
    • Glorifying God is what you were made to do. You are a worshiper. It comes naturally.
  • Questions for reflection: What is one thing the Spirit of God is asking you to change in the New Year?