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1. Jesus redeems from every tribe, nation & tongue

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 28:18-20
  • Leader Notes
    • Jesus sees and calls people from every nation.
    • He does not privilege or prefer any kind of person or nation over another.
  • Questions for Reflection: 
    • How does redemption change the way I see myself?

2. Worthy is the Lamb

  • Scripture Reference: Hebrews 13:15-16
  • Leader Notes
    • Jesus is being praised for his worth by multitudes in heaven.
    • Jesus is worthy to revive all praise, honor, and glory.
  • Questions for Reflection: 
    • How can I better appreciate nature praising God?

3. All creation praises God

  • Scripture Reference: Psalm 150:6
  • Leader Notes
    • Every living creature declares the glory of God.
    • God is calling us to live a life that declares his glory.
  • Questions for reflection: 
    • How can I better engage in Jesus’ work globally?