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1. The woman riding the beast

  • Scripture Reference; Jeremiah 51:7
  • Leader Notes
    • Our culture is designed to seduce all of us away from faithfulness to Jesus.
    • What we do with your bodies matters, God is interested in our holiness.
    • The image of unfaithfulness is about spiritual morality and idolatry.
  • Questions for Reflection
    • What in your life pulls you away from Jesus?
    • How does this imagery speak to me?

2. Everything explained

  • Scripture Reference; Daniel 7
  • Leader Notes
    • Behind all political systems is the spirit of the age. We need to be sure that our primary allegiance is to Jesus alone. 
  • Questions for Reflection
    • What do I believe about the Anti-Christ?

3. Evil’s true colors will always be revealed

  • Leader Notes
    • Jesus is victorious and those who are with him are called, chosen, and faithful. God’s call is effective.
  • Questions for reflection
    • How does this chapter impact my walk with Jesus?