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1. Restoration must continue

  • Scripture Reference: Ephesians 1:15-19
  • Leader Notes
      • Restoration is a process here on earth until Jesus comes back….restoration in families, our nation, our marriages, our hearts. Keep pressing on.
  • Questions for Reflection:
  • Where do you still need to see restoration in your life? 
  • Where can you continue to help restoration in the lives of others?

2. We want to see Jesus

  • Leader Notes
      • Jesus reveals all truth, hope, and wisdom for living in this life. When we pray, we should pray that the Holy Spirit continues to reveal more of who Jesus is for us and to us.
      • There are so many digital distractions in life that want to pull our vision off of Jesus and on to the chaos of this world. From social media, news outlets, wars and rumors of wars. Scripture tells us to rejoice that we have the hope of the world within us, and He gives us peace that surpasses all understanding.
    • Questions for Reflection: 
  • Where am I getting vision for my life from the world, instead of Jesus?
    • How can I arrange my life for a fresh vision of Jesus?

3. We want to show Jesus

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:16
  • Leader Notes
      • This passage tells us that we shouldn’t just be shining in our hearts, but also publicly shining for Jesus. Showing others, practically, His love for them. That they might see His love lived out through you, and respond to the good news of His salvation.
    • Questions for reflection: 
      • With whom does God want me to share my testimony?
  • Exercise: Talk through what a spoken testimony is, and ask someone if they are comfortable to share their testimony with the group. 
  • Cheat sheet: a testimony in the simplest form is the good news of what God has done in your life that caused you to invite Him to be your Savior. 

4. We want to share Jesus

  • Scripture Reference: Matthew 28:18-20
  • Leader Notes
    • Jesus commands us to share His good news with others, but He also asks us to walk alongside them by teaching them what it means to follow Jesus.
    • We not only need to make disciples, but we are to also be disciples. We forget that fact sometimes, but we need to be encouraged and grown in the faith by others as well.
    • An easy on ramp for discipleship opportunities is to serve at the local church. It opens many doors to walk alongside others in the faith.
  • Questions for Reflection: 
    • How can I join all that God is doing at Crossroads, or the church I attend?