LoveNOW is the “hands and feet” outreach of Crossroads.

Jesus partners with everyday people to be His hands and feet in the world. LoveNOW proclaims and demonstrates God’s love by equipping and sending out His people locally, nationally, and globally to be the reflection of His presence in a broken and hurting world. Whether you have a few hours, a weekend, an evening here or there, you want to be a part of an ongoing team, or simply desire to support the work of others who are called to go, we want to partner with you so we can Give Love Now, in partnership with Jesus.

Join us on Second Saturday, February – November. We also serve the foster care families of Clark County and the families of Vancouver Public Schools. Because ministry changes often, follow us on Facebook for opportunities to engage in your community.

Missions isn’t just something we do, it’s who we are…the lifestyle of every believer.

Jesus calls every believer to be “mission-minded,” simply by being open to God-directed opportunities to show the love of Jesus to those we interact with in our daily lives.

Missions can be as simple as helping people in your own neighborhood and demonstrating the heart of Jesus through small acts of kindness like mowing an elderly person’s lawn, babysitting for a single mom, or repairing someone’s car on your own time. Our LoveNow and Second Saturday ministries connect you to opportunities to engage your community. Because ministry changes often, check our LoveNOW tab or follow us on facebook @ GiveLoveNow.

There’s no more vital part of missions than sharing the story of Jesus with others. The beautiful thing is, the gospel goes where you go! You can talk about your journey with Jesus at your job and with your family, or you can join us for one of our regional or international missions trips to reach the world in Jesus’s name.

We serve in Hungary, Mexico, Lebanon, Macedonia, and the Blackfeet and Yakama Nations. You can join us by praying and giving if a team has already been assembled.