Our mission at Crossroads Women’s is to be women of CITE. in conjunction with Crossroads’ DRMR Philosophy.

C: Celebrate. We celebrate one another as we take steps of faith in our personal relationships with Jesus.

I: Intercession. We are women of intercession and prayer. Intercession is a pillar that we stand upon, and we continually use this important tool to impact our community and world.

T: Transparent. Understanding the importance of connection and groups, we are women who are transparent with each other and aim to have life-on-life relationships with other women in our church.  Because of this, we meet every Tuesday Morning & Wednesday evening to dig into God’s word and break into smaller groups. These groups are safe environments that allow us to be intentional about learning more about God’s character, celebrating one another as we have our mountaintop experiences, and crying with each other in our valley experiences.

E: Excellence. We aim to be excellent in all that we do for the Lord. Knowing the difference between perfection and excellence, we give God our best and trust Him to do exceedingly far above all that we can ask or think with what we present to Him.

As women of CITE, we aim to create opportunities where these four pillars can be identified. Head to our Facebook or Instagram account to get more information about how you can get involved in Crossroads Women’s Ministry.