Thank you for joining us for 21 Days of Service!

Starting June 1, join us in serving one person every day in Jesus’ name.

Write their name down, and pray for them for the month of June!

At the end of 21 dayswe will have served thousands of people in our local and national communities by simply responding to Jesus together and caring for our neighbors, coworkers, and strangers!

Here are some practical ideas for serving people in your community:

  1. Offer to do the shopping for a vulnerable or shut-in neighbor.
  2. Volunteer to serve at a local feeding programCall ahead for specifics.
  3. Drop off needed materials at a local pregnancy resource center like Options 360. Call ahead to find out specific needs (diapers, formula, baby wipes), and when to drop off.
  4. Drop off needed supplies for children staying at local shelters. Call and ask what supplies are needed, and when to drop them off.
  5. Bring a thoughtful gift to a single parent in your neighborhood.
  6. Drop off food or flowers to a single mom or vulnerable adults in your neighborhood.
  7. Surprise a neighbor or coworker by dropping off themed activities on their front porch (baking supplies and recipe, gardening kit, puzzle, etc).
  8. Drop off a fun coloring book for kids living nearby.

Or anything else you can think of that will bless other people!