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Young Adutls

Young Adutls

We equip the young adults of Clark County to change the world.

Every person has the potential to do God's world-changing work with the gifts and passions He has given them. Today's generation of young adults are passionately driven to serve our King and pour their lives out to help others.

We are the now.
If you're between 18 and 30, people tell you all the time that you're part of the "next generation." But we believe that we are the now. It's our privilege and opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus NOW and change our community and our world…no matter our age.

Crossroads Young Adults exists to:

Equip our young adults to follow Jesus wherever He takes you.
Connect you in service as you discover your God-given gifts.
Glorify God in the process.

You belong here.
No matter who you are or where you're from…you belong here.

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Summer Groups

Thursday, August 1

LoveNOW August Second Saturday

Saturday, August 10