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1. Open the Word 

  • Scripture Reference
    • Mark 2:1-2 
  • Leader Notes
    • Sometimes opening the Bible is the hardest lid to open.
    • The Bible is the place where we can encounter and hear from God.
    • The Word of God is powerful.
  • Questions for Reflection
    • How would you describe the place consistent Bible reading plays in your life? 

2. Loosen the Lid 

  • Scripture Reference
    • Mark 2:3-5
  • Leader Notes
    • This man needed friends to help him open the roof.
    • Having people who support and help you is crucial in your Christian walk.
    • We all have lids in our lives right now that are keeping us from drawing closer to Jesus.
  • Questions for Reflection
    • What do you plan to do about the lids that keep you from getting closer to Jesus?
    • Who are you going to invite to help you and keep you accountable?

3. Die to Yourself 

  • Scripture Reference
    • Mark 2:6-8
  • Leader Notes
    • Our own sin is the biggest obstacle in our relationship with God.
    • Confession is an honest conversation with Jesus about your brokenness.
  • Questions for reflection
    • What do you need to confess to Him today and whose help do you need in the process? When do you plan to reach out to them?